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Short Sales. Even though they are not for everyone, these can bring some nicely discounted properties to your portfolio.

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We are a community of Real, Local, Like-Minded individuals who at one point, were also looking for a place to start and how to get in the business of flipping houses.

Out of our 3,000 sq. ft. office in Riverside, CA, we are closing deals in our very own backyard and are committed to helping YOU get your first or next deal.

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Early in my career, I understood that there was a learning curve to work with, and I also understood that leverage was a process, but it shouldn't be lifelong.

Our primary focus is to help you discover your very own independence and be set free.

We will walk you through the basics and connect you with those that have the strengths that you lack.

Leveraging each other's resources is imperative in this business, that is why at BECOME AN INVESTOR®, we strive to empower you learn and grow to expedite your success and achieve your goals.

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